Getting to know Hypoxyphilia

Submissive WhoreHypoxyphilia (more commonly known as ‘autoerotic asphyxiation’) is a rare and potentially life threatening sexual paraphilia where a person seeks to reduce supply of oxygen to the brain during a heightened state of sexual arousal. The definition was floating through my head as I wheezed for breath. My head so light and floaty as that belt around my neck just off my air just enough. It was amazing when mixed with the cock fucking me hard from behind. My master’s growls of pleasure flitting my ears as he held the belt like a leash. Just keeping me on the edge of consciousness so there was nothing but this floating, beautiful, abyss of pleasure all around me and running through me. I love it when my Master chokes me as he uses my pussy… Especially when we cum together, my pussy so tight around his cock as he twitches inside of me filling me with his amazing cum.

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