Going Away Party

Master is going away for a belong time so he planned a special event so that I would remember who I belong to!Submissive Whore

He had me dress in the sluttiest black satin corset with thigh high stockings and no bra and panties. Then he put my collar on, attached my lead, and gave me my special powder candy!

I knew this was going to be special!

We drove deep into the woods where no one would hear my screams to a party with four other very large men!

Master threw my lead down and let the muscular men tear my body apart!

There was a giant BBC that started stretching my ass right away! And the second I opened my mouth to scream, another massive fuck stick  rammed the back of my throat!

My body wiggled and twisted, trying to brake from the size and force of their mighty meat!

Then a third one joined the fuck doll party!

After they had their way with me, it was master turn…my favorite…I love everything he gives me, even pain!

He fisted my torn cunt, making my body squirt uncontrollably over and over and before handing my lead to one of the men in the party, he seared the delicate flesh under my perky firm tits to remind myself and everyone else who’s whore I am!

I am so lucky to be his filthy worthless whore!

I wouldn’t want it any other way!

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