Happy Spanksgiving

submissive whore robyn1I love the holidays but Thanksgiving is a special holiday in our house. Master buys all the fixings for a huge diner and I spend the day before Thanksgiving naked in the kitchen cooking his favorite dishes while he barks orders at me and keeps my ass nice and red with spankings as cum drips down the inside of my legs. On Thanksgiving Day Master dresses me in his favorite pink waitress outfit and invites all his single male friends over for a feast. I serve them dutifully all day long. After dinner I serve them drinks while they relax and watch the game and I clean up. By the time the game is over they are all horny and drunk and I get all their attention. I know to be naked and waiting in my cage before the last play of the game. My pussy is wet knowing what will cum next. I silently give thanks for the abuse and attention that I crave and deserve.

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