He Disgusts Me

submissive whoreI am usually the one being punished but I have recently found a pathetic degenerate who I have come to love humiliating. He called all pathetic like. Giving me this line on how his perverted ass liked to go into his sweet young niece and nephews room for a little fun. By fun I mean pure p shit. In the most disgusting way. Like taking their tiny used panties and putting them in his mouth so he can taste them or wrapping them around his cock and stroking it with them. Disgusting right? Get this?

Last night he had the panties around his cock and went into the room, raised her nightgown, and pulled down her panties. Rubbed his p-cock up and down her tiny slit. Then he stood beside her and jerked off, even getting a drop of his p-cum on her thigh. So appalled and sick from his perverted ass I told him to lick it up. Lick every drop off of her little soft leg. I could here him slurping it up, horrifying. Then as I lectured him and humiliated him, I could hear him breathing heavy again, stroking his cock. My god, he squirted his load again and then thanked me. I wanted to vomit but instead I laughed at his sorry ass. I am sure he will be sneaking around their bedroom again tonight.

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