his slave pet Dome.

bondage whore

I first got into some submissive stuff when I was in college a few years back my freshman year. I work for this bookstore and the owner never was around he had a huge gambling problem so I first saw a lot of stuff in the business for him. The truth is that he wasn’t paying me enough and I wanted to take a little extra. So when Icouldld I would snatch a couple Benjamins from the register. Eventually, I got caught the one I got caught my boss promise that I would rot in jail.  Of course I was so nervous and I begged him to please have mercy on me. Little did I know I would become his bondage whore.  Mr Richardson asked me to go ahead and go to his place and he would consider  forgetting about the situation. I knew my only hope to be free from a record was to go along with whatever he needed. So I thought that I would probably have to do extra work or possibly have to take over his other chores and housework. When I went over to him he asked me to go over to a certain place with him. Mr Richardson led me to a room under ground. I never really had any experience in a basement growing up in Bradenton Florida I  only saw basements in movies and TV shows. I was a little excited to see his basement I don’t know why but sure I was. When I went to follow him he shut the door behind me and told me that this was his slave pet Dome. I had a gut feeling I was in for some shit.  Right then and there I noticed all the tools and I could see he was going to have some Wicked fun with me. first things first he told me  undressed because you’re going to be here for some time. I quickly undressed I don’t know I felt like I had to I was there with him alone and I knew that I couldn’t even call out for help he lived all alone.  He began to tell me that I had to be a slave pet and I’d have to drink water from a bowl like an animal he also wanted to ruin my asshole. Mr Richardson gave me the option to run or to give in so I gave in because I wanted to know jail time. My holes would be ruined  for months on end.

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