Prostate milking for my master is what I need to be best at

Any good master has taught his slave to be perfect at Prostate milking. My master commands me to do tongue exercises while he is gone. My master wants me to show him I have been practicing so he does a surprise inspection. He will have me lay on the ground and wiggle my tongue as I watch you lower yourself to my mouth. You grind on my face calling me a good filthy whore. I want to play with my cunt so bad but that would earn me a punishment.

Prostate milking

I didn’t care, I did it anyway and when you saw it made you angry. You pulled your rope up and tied my hands to your bedpost and around my neck. If I moved it made it tighter and tighter. I made sure to not move, but it was hard when my master was riding my face. I wanted to play with my cunt and I tried but I would choke myself. You laughed as I licked your asshole, and you jack off. You finally sprayed me with all your semen and stood up and pissed all over me. My master left his Bondage whore tied up and I tried to reach my cunt, but the rope was so tight around my neck I ended up passing out.

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