Home Invasion Masturbation

Extreme Fetish phone Sex
He stood in the doorway to my bedroom. I wasn’t sure how he had gotten into my house, but his cock was out and he was furiously stroking it. I sat motionless on the bed, my vibrator still half inserted into my dripping cunt. “I’ve been watching you, through the window.” He growled, approaching the bed and climbing in. He never touched me, but perched precariously on the edge masturbating. “Keep going.” He commanded, and I did.
I slipped that buzzing joy toy in and out of my slippery pussy, rubbing and flicking my sweet little clit. My eyes never left his. We stared at each other, mutually masturbating. He had a mask on, but I knew those icy blue eyes seemed so familiar. His cock was huge, and thick, and he was working that monster like an expert snake charmer. He was dripping pre cum, being sure not to get any of it on my sheets.
I was getting close to cumming, and I could tell it was going to be a big one. I was going to squirt during a home invasion while the intruder stared me in the eyes, jacking off his cock! It hit me, and I squirted all over. Convulsing, my eyes closed just for a moment. When I opened them, exhausted and soaked in my own cum, he was gone. There was no trace of him, except for an open window and a draft.

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