Home Invasion Tied and Tortured

He was inquiring about a bondage chat session. We were at a little scene party and I was being very docile and shy as my Master that took me there loved me to be. I pleasantly told him he’s going to need to talk to Master about such a thing. I think it upset him terribly. He was able to follow us when we left the party, and found where I lived. He would message me on FB through the group and try threatening me about knowing where I lived and that I really should just give him a date. It was getting annoying that he wouldn’t leave me alone and I never realized he really did know where I lived. He never proved it… well not until the other night. I was asleep and he managed to find the spare key and knew my family was away. He found me in my bed. I was gagged and blindfolded quickly, but I knew him by the way he smelled and breathed. He was very forceful with me and called me a fucking little slut before he slapped my face. He tied my wrists and ankles. I was bound completely and stripped of my nighty and panties. He said now that I was tied up and all his we could have that session he’s been bugging me about. I whimpered as he started to put clamps on my nipples and take the riders crop to them. I tried to squirm but he was too good in his knots. I knew he was going to do bad things to me now.

Bondage chat

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