bdsm chatYou had me tied up and gagged for hours in your basement making me wait for what’s to come. I was crying trying to scream for anyone to help me but no one came. I heard your footsteps come down the steps and started crying harder. You came up to me and shoved me up against the wall hard and rough grabbing my dirty panties and ripping them off. You flipped me over and gripped my ass hard probably bruising me. You shoved your cock into me pushing in and out hard and fast while gripping my hair saying that I will never be let go. You were going to keep me here, breeding me every fucking day until you got as many little ones as you fucking wanted. You flipped me around and grabbed me by my throat, choking me until my face turned even more red. You let go and I knew you were close to coming, I started to fight back making you grab my throat again and go even harder. You choked me until I eventually gave in passed out. I woke up to my cum filled cunt and you were gone.

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