Hot Salty Breakfast

bondage and submissionI was still hanging from the fucking bar that you had me from yesterday when you filled my whore cunt up to the fucking brim. I was crying when I heard you coming down the stairs and started to scream “help! Please help me!” You told me to shut my whore mouth before you make me shut up and I just started crying more. You told me you have breakfast for me and I was so hungry I would eat anything. You got me down and told me to crawl to you like the fucking worthless fucking whore I am. I got close to you and realized what my breakfast was going to be. I started crying when you pulled out your hard fucking cock and told me to drink your breakfast sperm. I shook my head and you got angry, slapping me in the face telling me this will be my only food for the rest of my pathetic fucking life. I couldn’t help myself because I was so fucking hungry and I took your cock in my whore mouth. Sucking like my fucking life depended on it like a hungry little slut. I drank up all of your hot tasty cum filling my mouth up and drinking every last fucking drop.

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    • Tanner on June 10, 2022 at 11:21 am
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    I drink a lot of pineapple juice so mine is very sweet.

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