Public rape fantasy

extreme fetish phone sexI was minding my own business when you snatched me up in the parking garage. Nobody was around to hear my muffled screams as you shoved your fingers in my mouth and began to rip my tits out of my bra. You eagerly squeeze my nipples as you drag me to your car. You whisper in my ear that you need a little nigger slut like me to rape in publicly humiliate! My pussy was getting so wet that it was basically dripping down my inner thighs as you force fucked me in the back of your shitty van. I could smell cigarettes and a little bit of liquor on your breath so I knew that this drunken stupor was going to cause you to fuck the shit out of this dark pink pussy. I knew you probably wanted to feel like you were a big man raping a little woman so I pretended to cry and struggle even though all I wanted to do was open my legs further and let you fall into the center of my slutty hole. When you shot your load inside of me you dragged me by the hair and tossed me on the ground like a cum filled rag doll. Then, you climbed in your van and drove away. I still can’t believe how well I was able to hide my massive fucking orgasm while you assaulted me.

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    • Gary on June 10, 2022 at 12:03 pm
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    Son of a bitch, that tickled my fucking dick like mad, bitch.

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