How I Became His Caged Bitch

I became master’s Submissive Whore after I met him and his friends at a bar, he told me I was the perfect Milf doll and gave me a drink.

Slave training

I woke up with my hands tied together mouth tasting of cum drenched in thick nut. They were all standing around stroking their big fat dicks in my face. He told me that was the beginning of my training and then shoved his cock in my mouth. He made me suck his dick deep in my throat as his buddies started coming towards me. One my one they took turns fucking me and filling my wholes up with sperm. Master made me swallow his nut, he wanted to be the last one to rip open my holes, so I knew who I now belonged to. That is what he did, he shoved his cock back and forth from my pussy to my asshole. Then right before he was going to cum, he pulled out and made me swallow his last load. He walked me to a room with a cage in it and told me to clean up before I get in my new home.  

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