Humiliate Me With Your Cum

It’s been a few days since I have had a good humiliation with lots of bukkake from my brothers and their friends. This quarantine shit is killing me and my brothers nor my dad have been around. I can’t get my Master’s to visit due to this insanity and a couple of them are RN’s and Doctors. So I have been stuck with an occasional visit from a neighbor that loves to make me his bitch. He has jerked off to the options he has with that premium porn sub. so this subby doesn’t get as much torture. But he needs to have me to interact with and we made a deal that he would jerk off and collect his cum for me. He came over, put my collar on and made me beg like a bitch for a treat before he sprayed my whore face with his build up load from his balls and made me suck what he saved for me from a bottle like a fucking baby.

Bukkake phone sex

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