Humiliated by Female Domme

Submissive Whore

Master invited another Dom over to play with us today. She was a female Domme who loved to abuse and humilate Submissive Whores like me. She wrote degrading things on my body in marker and tied me to a chair with my panties still on and strapped a vibrator to my clit. I came over and over until my clit was numb and my panties were soaked with cum. The whole time I was strapped to the chair and cumming, she humiliated me smacked me across the face. She pulled my soaked panties off of me and stuffed them into my mouth. I could taste my cum and my pussy juice on them. She made me hold the soaked panties in my mouth while she fucked my pussy with her strap on. I was humiliated and ashamed by how much I loved being dominated and abused by her and how many times she made me cum.

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