Slave Training Young Girls for Master

slave trainingSlave training little girls is what I am doing for Master. He has a special client who is hosting a party for only the wealthiest lawyers in the state. These are men who can afford to pay for anything, even tender age pussy. Master got a sweet deal on a few sex trafficked girls. The only problem was that they were hooked on smack and not looking as pretty as they once did. I told him I could clean them up for him. He told me if I didn’t want to be sold into slavery where old whores like me won’t last long, I better make them look good and train them in cock worshiping and other things dirty old men like. These girls knew the basics. They have been whores for a while. I only had a week to transform them into good sex slaves for Master and his friends. I got them off smack first. A couple days of playing nurse maid to those little whores made me sorry I took on the job. I trained them in cock sucking with cucumbers before I graduated to my big strap-on. I showed them how to take large objects up their assholes too. I know what master’s friends like. They are a kinky bunch.  I assured these girls they would be treated better than they had been in the past. At least I had hoped so because I didn’t want to deliver them to their death. Such cute little girls. Master would be pissed if he knew I had bonded with the sluts, but they were submissive whores just like me. I cleaned them up well, even trained them to Master’s likings and fetishes. I think Mater will be very pleased with me when this weekend party happens. If not, I will go on the slave auction block myself.

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