I Can’t Sit Down

Spanking phone sex I hadn’t visited my family in a while, I tried really hard to live a vanilla life. No more crawling around and trying to please anyone. I thought I had value and was worth something. I was wrong, I found out real quick I really am worthless to any man unless I’m doing everything I can to please him. I have no skills other than following orders and being a fuck toy. Daddy wasn’t surprised when I showed up back home defeated. He didn’t show me any mercy either, not only did he call everyone he could over to initiate me back into the family he spent 20 minutes just spanking me again and again until everyone showed up. I still can’t stick down it stings so much and it’s been two days. My pussy and ass still feel very sore from the hours of taking all of their cocks with no breaks. And after I was put to sleep out in the kennel. I can’t sleep in my bed until I’ve earned that privilege back again.

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