Wax on Whack off

bondage whore

There is nothing more exciting than fun new bondage games, the feeling of the hemp rope biting into my flesh as I lay as still as possible. What could a slutty little rope bunny whore like me enjoy more? Sensory play! I love when my master adds new elements into our games. Tonight he had a new one for me. Laying on our “fun table” he set the mood differently, he had been in our dungeon alone for a few hours today to set up as he called it my special treat. Tonight, when i came into the room the lights were off and the whole room was lit up with lovely smelling sandalwood scented candles. I recognize some of these, some of them melted down to massage oils and others where for safe temperature play.

I striped down per usual and stood at attention, my master circling me and running his hands over my soft skin. He lifted my chin and placed a brash kiss and instructed me to sit down. Picking up a close by candle he aimed it on my shoulder and it dripped down it was a lovely warming oil. I heard the candle be set down as the warm oil rolled down my shoulders and over my right breast. After I was nice and oiled up he tied my arms behind me. Then he fastened some rope around my waist and made a nice rope harness making sure my breasts were also tied up nicely. Master had me sit on my knees in front of him. That’s when he grabbed the second candle and dripped the hot wax over my tied up tits. The sudden heat made me yelp a little as I felt it soon harden on my skin. After the Master was satisfied with pouring the wax on me he decided to paint my pretty face with his cum and tease me at the same time not letting me touch him. I had to sit there like a good girl and watch him stroke his cock in front of me while my little cunt started to get wet. When Master was about to cum i opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue and enjoyed his hot seed spurting on my face and across my hungry mouth fuck hole. I can’t wait to see what games we play next!

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