I Deserve Your Cum! I Earned It!

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You put me in elbow cuffs and forced your cock in my mouth. I sucked like a good bondage whore, unable to touch myself or your cock. I need your cum showers but I know I have to be a good BDSM slut for you before you reward me. I suck your cock and fluff your balls while you jerk off. Do I deserve it yet? Of course not! You remove my elbow cuffs so that you can put me in the sex swing. Then,  you give me an open mouth gag just so I won’t forget that I’m your cock sucking whore. You fuck my ass while I am completely helpless, unable to get out of the swing, your cock sliding in and out of my trembling pussy. When you shove your cock in my ass, I scream and can barely take it. You mock me, telling me I need to learn how to take your cock in my ass or I won’t get any cum. I endure it, begging you to fuck me harder to prove my devotion. When you’re ready to cum, you shower my face with your hot juices. 

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