I Did Not Always Enjoy Bare Bottom Spankings

bare bottom spankingsI love bare bottom spankings now, but I did not always enjoy them. My dad was a fan of corporal punishment. He would punish me when I had not done anything wrong. He just liked beating on me. His favorite thing to use on my ass was his hands. My bare ass and his bare hands. He enjoyed looking at his hand print on my bare bottom. I would cry. The harder I cried, the harder he would spank me. Sometimes, he would use his leather belt. He preferred his hand, because he would slip a finger in my ass or cunt while spanking me. Daddy enjoyed using my tiny, young body. He was my first master. He was less a master and more just a mean son of a bitch who looked at me as a burden not his daughter. Honestly, if he could have killed me or sold me into slavery without raising eyebrows, he would have done it without remorse. He turned me out to his friends. They would pay him $50 to fuck my jailbait holes. If his friends had not been a bunch of drunk working-class Joes, he could have made more off me. We did not have a traditional father daughter relationship. I eventually ran away. Initially, I ran away so I could not be a fuck slave or a punching bag anymore. I wanted a chance to be a normal girl, but I was a high school drop out and that was not in the cards for me. I met a man as bad as my dad and I married him. I eventually ran away from him too. I ran away with a much older man and became his submissive slut. I am still with him too. I may still be a sub, but I am no longer unwilling. I have a good master who takes care of me. Sure, he spanks me, ties me up, flogs me, pimps me out sometimes and makes me drink his piss and lick his ass. But it is so much better than my life before I met my master.

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