I know My Place

hardcore bondage

It has been said that sluts no longer know their place in this world. This subby Hardcore bondage slut does though. I know that I am supposed to adorn my cuffs and shackles. My collar I wear proudly.  My ball gag is looped to my nipple clamps as I stay in perfect form. I have been in position a while now. My husband and son love to watch me teeter on my heels. One wrong move my nipple and pussy clamps will be pulled off. I am a good sex slave. I am teaching my brat daughters the meaning of being a good mom and slave.

There is no line between me being a mother and a sex slave. I do all my duties extremely well. And if I mess up I will be subject to punishment. I love punishment. I must always be reminded of my place. When I am released and make my men cum I will fold the laundry and make sure our home is in perfect order.  I am that subby Milf that may wear a red handprint on her ass under her skirt at the checkout line. But I know my place as every woman should.

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