I Never Let Master Down

Erotic bondage stories

Master tied me up and told me we would have a photoshoot. He took many pics of me tied up. He wasn’t done with me, two men walked in and they had floggers at hand. They flogged me hard and I could tell they loved it because their cocks were hard poking out at me. Master ordered me to please them in any way and to not let him down. I would never want to let master down so I opened my mouth wide. I took one throbbing cock in my mouth and soon after one in my pussy. I could tell master was pleased. He took the flogger and flogged me more as I got fucked. He wanted to use me and have me feel the sting on my body. It felt so good I didn’t even notice when the dick started filling my mouth up. I made sure to swallow every drop. I wasn’t done I bounced my ass back on the other big cock, I was determined to get every drop out of his cock to make master proud of me. That is what I did and when I was done, I swallowed master’s entire load.  

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    • Will on August 20, 2021 at 3:03 am
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    You never let me down whore

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