I Once Was Lost…But Now I’m Found

Submissive Phone Sex I have not always been a submissive whore…needing to be owned by a dominant man….living only to please hi…aching to fulfill all of his desires!

No, there was a time when I was the sweetest young girl you would ever see…singing in the church choir, volunteering at the nursing home…baking pies for the luncheon after Sunday worship.

Yes, I once was lost…But now I’m found!

Because now I know my purpose in life is to be the property of my master…to serve him and deny him nothing!

When he spoke, my pussy would twitch and my panties would get moist!

When he touched me, I would get hot and my heart would race!

And when he slide that strong throbbing cock in my sweet virgin pussy for the first time, I knew I would belong to him forever!

There is nothing I wouldn’t do for him, even when he asks me to fuck his friends, I am happy to do it just to make him proud!

And when he calls me a filthy slut after I am dripping with their cum, I know it is because he is proud of me!

When he has parties and orders me to suck every cock there, I do it with a smile!

I don’t even mind when he comes home and rips my ass wide open with his massive cock and then forc es me to sleep on the floor at his feet while my bloody ass drips with cock spit! I know he needs his sleep.

And when I walk down the street and all the church ladies whisper and point and call me a filthy cum slut…I just smile, because that is all I ever want to be…is his dirty cum dumpster whore!


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