Submissive Sex Christmas Party

submissive sexI was invited to a submissive sex Christmas Party. I was not the only sub there. Everyone had to wear a mask but us, so I was not sure what was going on. A holiday party or a sex party? I was ready for either. Of course, I should know better. I was not going to be invited to a real party. Me and the other submissives were there for the guests. We had to service the male partygoers in anyway they wanted. Some guys wanted to be sucked off. Some wanted their assholes cleaned. Some wanted to relieve themselves in or on us. Most guys just wanted to smack us around, and force fuck a submissive whore. I did not know these men. Even Santa Claus was there to fuck us bitches. We spent the first few hours serving as cum guzzlers and piss whores. The men were drinking so much, and they did not want to wait for the bathroom. Why would a man wait when he has a skank like me who will open her mouth like a toilet?  I did not mind it as much as the other Santa’s helpers did. I do not mind being degraded. I was born for this world. When they got drunker, they became more violent. Suddenly, they were wanting more than to piss in a bitch’s mouth. They wanted to make us into anal sex whores. I got down on all fours with no problem. The other bitches had to be forced on their knees. I was going for the queen sub at this party. I need to get back in master’s good graces. I let Santa and his friends force fuck my asshole. I was Santa and his friends’ favorite whore. The other girls did not act like they enjoyed it. I am a good whore. No matter how rough you treat me. No matter how hard you degrade me. No matter how hard you fuck me, I will say thank you sir, and ask you to give me more.

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