I Was Born to Submit

submissive slut

There are times when I just want to get down on my knees and be a submissive slut for a strong man like you. I love making you happy and you know I will do anything you want me to do, Sir. Pleasing you is my number one priority. I hope you know that. I know better than to ever say the word “no” in your presence. I remember very well what happened the last time I did that. You got so mad that you jerked me up off the floor by my arm, put me across your lap, and spanked me until my ass was red and throbbing. I was begging you to stop and you were just laughing and telling me that’s what naughty sluts get. I don’t want that to happen again.

You told me last time that you were going to invite a bunch of your friends over to use me the way you do. You told me that a slut like me deserves to have all three holes filled up at the same time. I know I am just a whore and all I’m good for is pleasing you and your friends. I am on my knees and waiting for you, Sir.


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