I Was A Bad Girl Last Night

It was a Friday night and my girlfriends wanted to go out. My Master was away on a Business trip and that made me excited to play the field a little. I was flirting with some guys at the club and getting a little tipsy. I couldn’t help myself with all the attention I was getting. I ended up letting a few guys give me bare bottom spankings and that got me so fucking horny. It didn’t take much over their hands caressing my bare ass with varied levels of blows. My ass was so red and my pussy was so fucking wet. One guy realized I was getting turned on and decided i needed to be humiliated really good. He was whispering with the three other guys and soon I was surrounded by three of them. They bound my wrists and had me stand up, naked and on display. My nipples were fucking hard and fueled their desire to humiliate me. They decided I needed to get down on my knees and all four of them pulled their cocks out and started jerking off to me. I was showered in cum and forced to suck them all clean and take another load from each of their big cocks down my throat. I really deserve to be punished.

Bare bottom spankings

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