I’ll Do Anything For You, Sir.

submissive whore

I want to be your obedient submissive whore. You can do anything you want to this filthy mommy slut. Use me as your own personal cum dumpster and fill me with your load. All of my tight fuck holes are yours to abuse. I’ll fucking beg you for it. Come choke me while you shove your cock down my throat. Make you gag, choke, and throw up all over your cock then clean up the mean. Tell me what a disgusting fucking pig slut I am. I’m yours to abuse and humiliate in any way you wish. Want to use me as your toilet? I’ll lay down and take your piass and shit happily. Anything at all to please you, Sir. Literally, I’ll do aynthing to make you fucking explode for me. If you need a nasty submissive fuck toy then I’m right here to fucking pound and stretch open woith your massive cock!

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