gagged doll

submissive whoreMy boss wasn’t letting me out of his sight anytime soon. I was his little bitch to the max. I would have never imagined I’d be his sex slut and submissive whore. I was enjoying to be quite honest. I loved being able to serve him and make him feel like the king he is. My boss called me over he had a special present for me. I was wondering what outfit he would have me wear.

I was awaiting something slutty, but instead, I got a box and inside of it was another big box wrapped. I opened it and saw a gag ball and the sharpest nipple clamp I’d ever seen. I was ready to be his gag doll that’s what he said. Indeed I was. He put the nipple clamps on my nipples as soon as I felt them pin I screamed out loud. I was in excruciating pain. My boss slapped me in the face and whipped me in the ass. It was lunch hour and the employees could of hear. I then got gagged.

I was his gag doll with nipple clamps. My nipples were red, and I could feel the black and blue building up. I then felt my skirt unzip and panties drop to my ankles. My boss was fucking my ass and making me feel his cock penetrate me hard. The pain and pleasure was heaven and hell. I knew at that moment I would always be his slut.

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