I’m A Very Bad Girl, Daddy

This not going out has been a real bummer for me. I was playing on my Fetlife profile and got into chatting another Dom Daddy. I was swayed into doing things for this Dom Daddy. I did things on camera for him as though he was my real Dom/ Daddy. I’m sorry daddy. I showed him my naughty bits. I did more than show him though. I put toys inside my vagina and penetrated my holes. I know I am not suppose to do these things without permission. But I was so bored daddy. It wasn’t long when he was demanding I come to him and Submit for real. I was mesmerized by the images of his cock and the handsomeness with a stern controlling tone he used with me. I went to him daddy. He was not even who he portrayed in his pictures. He was a huge fat gross old man daddy and he was forceful. He grabbed my wrists and yanked me in the house. I know I wasn’t supposed to go to strangers, especially without daddy’s approval. I went in there and he had a tiny freakish cock in comparison to his massive fat body. I wanted to vomit when he forced himself on me. I am too dumb and weak to be left alone for long like this daddy. I was forced to do things and humiliated in a bad way. He shoved me out his door in the evening with my clothes soiled and ripped up. I reeked of his sick smell and of alcoholic cum and piss. Please daddy, don’t abandon me for being a nasty dumb little whore. I belong back in my cage and tortured for my misbehaving and letting gross losers use me. I should be shamed for the filthy little slut I became in this lockdown.

Submissive slut

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