I’m his plain jane Piñata

bdsm chat

My master calls me his plain white jane girlfriend. He always tells me how ugly my ass looks and how he is used to dating Latina bombshells with bubble butts. My tiny pancake ass doesn’t do it for him.

It gets me in my feelings, but I know what he says is all that truly matters. When he begins his bdsm chat, I hear all about how he is going to tie me up and beat me like a pinata and spit on my face and show the world that I am nothing but a white slut who grew up with mommy and daddy mommy and he hates me for it and people like me.

I try to tell him I had no control over who my parents were, but it angers him because he’s a self-made man, as he says. He has built quite an empire thru trafficking drugs.

So many friends and family ask me why I stay with him if he is so mean to me. The answer is I never can get off with anyone else. My master has conditioned me never to leave.

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