Im my masters release

I had the most amazing experience of my life last night with my master. He took me to limits not only physically but also spiritually. I could swear that I had an out of body experience last night at some point between the time my master had me by my throat and was sticking that cattle prod up my cat and the electrocution shock pads that were on my inner thighs and pussy lips.

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I felt a whole new level of sexual awareness and just how much pain really can be pleasurable. I felt like I had become one with my master and I could feel the rage and the lust that he had for me while he rammed his massive throbbing cock down my throat while plugging my nose. I have never felt so helpless but so powerful at the same time. I knew that in that moment I was his release and my body and what he was doing to it was saving him from his own emotional demons. That is a special bond and I am so grateful to my master for letting me be his tool to release all that anger.

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