I’m No Faker

Hardcore bondage


Hardcore bondage is not so hard to endure and if any sub slut out there wants to tell you otherwise, she just isn’t doing it right.  There’s a method to enduring all of the pain and torture a really malicious master has to dish out.  No, you don’t find a happy place in your mind and drift off to some fantastical spot while you’re being restrained and brutalized.  You have to be present, own the beating you’re given, take every bit of taunting and torment that gets thrown your way and use it to make yourself the perfect whore any big dicked dom could ever want.

I need to be confined and held down when I get fucked really hard, anyway, that part is a snap.  Pain mixed with pleasure is an absolutely exhilarating sensation, so being lashed, clamped or shocked while I’m having my horny little holes stretched out is actually preferred.  And no master who’s ever screamed and yelled right in my face and covered me with his frothy spit has ever said anything meaner and more humiliating to me than my own loved ones.  They can call me anything they want and it won’t take me any lower than I’ve already been, time and time again.  

Yeah, I’m a stupid worthless whore who gets subjugated by every man who ever plows his pole deep inside of her.  I’m the dumb fucking cunt who’s takes load after slimy load of spunk anywhere a dominant dick wants to shoot it.  I’m the trashy piece of shit who tries to make her mommy proud by gagging down more cocks in one week than most women wrap their lips around their entire lives.

I’m a hardcore sexdoll punching bag, I’m nothing but useless fuckmeat, I’m a flesh covered cum rag who needs to be ripped up and thrown away.  That’s the mindset a real submissive slut has.  Want to know how to tell the fakers from the genuine thing?  Just slap them around a little bit first and see how they react.  


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