Impress Or Suffer

Submissive phone sexMaster told me he was having some friends over who have much better whores then myself. He said he demanded my best performance or I would suffer he wraith. He just can’t bare the humiliation of having a worthless slave like me. I was to wear nothing and answer the door all of his friends were to be addressed as Master too. I made the mistake of forget to say “Yes Master” when one asked for a drink and I felt his leather whip hit my back over and over again until I corrected my mistake. Later in the evening Master’s friends wanted to see how well behaved I was. He snap his finger and I was down at his feet. He took out his cock and told me to open my mouth while he pissed right into it. His friends applauded at my embarrassment. He then spanked my ass to get me to raise it into the air. He shoved two fingers deep into my ass and got as much shit on it he could get. He then smear it all over my mouth and into it while they all laughed at me. He then kicked me down and ordered me into my cage, without allowing me to clean up.

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