In Need of a Master

bondage and submission

Before I even knew I wanted to try being a submissive, I had a sister who would share some of her experiences with me. A few times, she would let me watch. She had a main beau who would visit overnight once a week. Our parents were not aware of these visits, but they were clueless about many things.
Sissy had found a way for me to watch in secret. She set up a little place in her closet, with a little window in it. And I took photos.
I could see her entire bed. She had silk scarves draped on the wrought iron frame, looking like décor. But, since I had watched these be put to use, I knew they were there for restraint. Under her mattress, she had whips and paddles. The challenge was always giving someone full control over her body, while remaining quiet.
The day I saw those bright red welts on her firm and beautiful ass, I knew.
ShackleThat’s exactly what I wanted.
And when I saw her wrists and ankles tightly bound by those beautiful scarves, I knew.
I would need to find someone to do this to me.
Thankfully, this was not hard to do.
Masters abound.

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