Hot Day at the Beach

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The day I met Jack, I was sunning myself at an isolated beach.  I was completely naked, as I had never seen anyone else venture to visit my lovely secret location.  I was on my back and suddenly, a shadow was cooling my skin.  Opening my eyes to see if it had become cloudy, I saw him.

I could not see his face.  But, I could see that he was also naked.  He said, “Hey.  What are you doing on my beach?”  I said, “Hey.  I think it’s my beach.”

He stood above me, moving his legs to either side of me.  He went down on his knees, and I felt his clearly hardening cock brush along my stomach.  His movements were so fluid, they seemed almost dreamy and, for some reason, I was not alarmed.

He told me not to move.  I obeyed.

He told me not to speak.  I obeyed.

He ran his fingers all around my breasts, and then pinched my tingling, rock hard nipples.  A moan escaped my mouth and he said, “Hush.”

He slid his body back, guiding his lovely cock into my already wet pussy.

He slammed it in deep and I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out in ecstasy.  It only took a few slams before I felt his hot come begin to flow.  He pulled his dick out and climbed up to my shoulders, saying, “Lick me clean.”  I obeyed.

Then he stood up and walked away without a word.

He wore a large tattoo on his shoulders that said,

“Captain Jack.”

I don’t know if that’s his name but that’s what I’m calling him.

I sure hope I see him again.

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