In Need of Slave Training

slave trainingMaster said I needed more slave training. He thinks I have become spoiled being at home and not under close supervision. He is probably right, but I have been working the phones more and I have some stern, even mean phone masters. Not enough for master. He summoned me to the office Friday. It was the first time we had been in his office together since March. I was nervous, but excited too. I have been craving his attention. I needed some pain. I needed some BDSM punishment. Master needed to see me too. We have had some Facetime sessions and lots of sexting, but his bare hands have not been on my body for way too long. I wore his favorite outfit. He likes me looking classy but slutty when in the office. I had on a black business suit and black stockings and a garter belt. Classy black pumps to complete the look. When master saw me, he pulled his cock out. It has been awhile since I saw his cock that hard. I guess the time away has been good for his old dick. Cock worshiping was needed, he said. I got on my knees and let him skull fuck me. He had lots of pent up sexual frustration. I was willing and able to handle it all. Master has never been a mean man, but maybe the time away sparked something inside him. After I swallowed his old spunk, he pissed down my throat calling me a fat pig and a whore. He was jealous of my time with my phone masters. He wanted to put me back in my place and it worked. I licked his ass like the human toilet I am. I was not enjoying being treated like a human waste can, but Master was right. I have been spoiled by social distancing.

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