My Brother and His Friends

submissive sex


My brother took me out last night and I woke up this morning with my hole so sore and could barely walk. I don’t remember much of what happened but I know they used the hell out of me. My brother said they got me really really drunk and made me do whatever they pleased. I am a good little whore so I always do what I am told. Brother said he didn’t even have to tie me up, that when I was drunk, I listened even more better than when I wasn’t. He said I let them all take turns eating my pussy while sucking their dicks. He said I even made a few of them cum before they even started fucking me. I really love sucking a fat cock. I think I might still have some dried cum on my face and tits. Two of his friends have a big cock so I am pretty sure they fucked both my holes. My ass is so loose and feels like cum Is still in there too. My brother did let me know that he was the one who finished me off in my pussy. He said he came so hard from watching them fuck his sister that he needed some of the action too.

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