In Need Of Stern Slave Training

slave training

Some girls don’t like to talk much about their slave training, but I do quite enjoy it. It’s nice to relive the best moments of my life. When my Master told me that he wanted to train me to be the most obedient little slut he’s ever had, I was ready for that challenge. Since I’d never had any proper training, it was a kind of rough at first. I still wasn’t used to being one hundred percent submissive and I kept getting sassy with Master. It took him a little while, but eventually we worked all that behavior out.

Do you love submissive girls just as much as my Master does? I hope you do! And the good news for you is that I’m already trained. I will do whatever you say, whenever you say, no matter how much it hurts or inconveniences me. What I want or need doesn’t matter anymore – my Master taught me that. I can’t promise that my sassy mouth won’t say something now and then, but if it does, I know that you’ll just punish me in whatever way you see fit. I’ll be waiting to tell you about my training and/or do whatever you want me to do.

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