Submissive Sex Whores

submissive sexI am a submissive sex whore. When guys ask me to be in charge or to dominate them, I am at a loss, honestly. It is not in my nature to be dominant. In fact, I do not really know what to do. I am always at my best when I am being told what to do. Master paid me a house call last night which he never does. He was not alone. He had a much younger woman with him. She looked to be college age. Master left her with me. She is living with me until Master can figure out a place for her. In the meantime, I have been tasked to break her in. I have never overseen the training of another person that way. I mean I have a son and a daughter, but I am not training either of them to be a submissive whore. I decided to have some fun with her. While getting to know her, I made her eat my pussy and ass. Turns out my Master won her in a poker match. She is the whore of another master. His wife is not cool with a 22-year-old French maid living in the house with them, so he pawned her off on my master, who cannot have her at his place either because his wife has no clue he is a Master or that I am his slave. My master pawned her off on me. I have no clue how long she will stay with me. Twisted, I know. Did you follow? I decided to have fun with her. After hours of licking my pussy and ass, I fucked her with a strap-on. I let my son fuck her too. He had a boner for her the moment he saw her naked with a collar around her neck. I set her in my bedroom. Not my bed, but a dog cage. If I am going to have a slave, I am going to give her the kind of slave training I had when I was her age. Plus, I am going to enjoy her holes too.

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