In the Stockade and We Played

I’m not just a submissive whore; I’m a submissive whore who loves hardcore bondage, device bondage, you name a type of bondage and I’m sure I’ll love it.
Hardcore bondage

Waiting for that collar …

A new Master has been paying some attention to me. He gives me rules; He gives me balance and most of all He gives me confidence.

As He enters the room I make sure I am ready for inspection. Naked, tits presented, in position one, kneeling, knees apart and hands on thighs. Master enters and whispers on all fours whore. I put my elbows on the floor ass in the air; this is what He means all fours. He spanks my ass a few times and I wince but love the hot sensation on my ass when He is done. I look in the corner and Master has a new toy. By toy, I mean a place to bind me and use me as He pleases. Face down, neck and wrists in a stockade, this is humiliating, but Master says I need training. I feel a vibration on my pussy and know that He has a vibe on my clit, but then He walks in front of me. The vibe is still on? He tied it to the islets in the ceiling! As He stands in front of me He holds out 2 clamps with a string hanging from them. First He puts one on, then the other. Face down, tits are hanging and clamped, but then He adds 3 weights to the clamp, attaching them to the string hanging down. He stands in front of me again, grabs my chin and tells me to enjoy cumming, it may be the last time for a while. He goes to sit in a dark corner and watch as the vibe continuously sits on my clit. The weights are Heavenly and I Hear from the corner, shake the clamps off when you are cumming. Shake them off when I am cumming? I can barely speak when I am cumming, but doesn’t mean I won’t try. As I feel the rippling sensation from my pussy and Heading outward s to my whole body, I am shaking my tits as hard as I can, hoping the clamps drop off quickly. That, of course, was not the case. The clamps hung on right to the end of my nipple and when it finally fell off, the sweet sensations of that thin line of pain and pleasure come together and make the perfect orgasm. Thank you, Master.

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