in training

Bare bottom spankings

I had no self control. Master was always punishing me for being a greedy whore. His latest punishment was so brutal.. I almost lost it. I got dressed and he had me bend over. “Pull your skirt up.” He rubbed my thong, teased my holes and told me to slowly take them off. I did as I was told and put my hands back flat against his desk. He started spanking me. Harder and harder. When he was done my ass was purple. He started rubbing his cock. Jacking off on my ass. After he came all over my ass, he slid a vibrater in my pussy and turned it on full blast. He pulled my panties up and my skirt down. He said I needed self control. He wanted me to think about his cum on my ass as we went shopping. By the end of the day my legs were weak, my pussy was dripping wet and my master ended my punishment by fucking my swollen pussy.

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