It Was A Trick

I am starting to realize my master likes to teach me his ways in an indirect manner. My master likes to fuck with my head, he is not going to tell me up front what he wants and doesn’t want likes and dislikes. No, not my master, my master is going to play games with me to make sure I never forget his wants and needs. When he gave me that phone it was to teach me just one of his lessons. I will say, he is making me a very smart submissive slut. As the days go by I think more before I do or say anything. Other days I feel like a worthless piece of shit who can’t be the submissive cunt I want to be for him. Just yesterday he played another learning game and I am sure to never forget this one. Master came to me and said he would like me to meet one of his friends. He told me he had to go out of town for business overnight. His friend would stay at the house to watch over me and make sure I continue to be a good submissive slut. I am not allowed to ask master any questions. I am supposed to read between the lines and figure out exactly what he is telling me. He told me to treat his friend good and make sure I make him feel welcomed and wanted and not to be rude to him. I thought that would be easy enough, well my submissive slut mind thought wrong. As soon as master left the house his friend started. He yelled over to me saying, Hey you submissive bitch! Come here, Daddy has a nice big cock for you to suck on. It is so much better than your Masters. I did not know what to do, my master told me to be nice to him but I did not know if he meant Sucking his cock nice. I thought to myself if I say no to masters friend, I would be rude. So I walked over to the friend, got on my knees and said Yes sir I will suck your cock. He told me to call him Daddy. I said yes Daddy I am ready to suck your cock. He pulled down his pants exposing his enormously thick cock. He told me to give him kisses on his head to make him hard. I did exactly what he asked. In minutes his cock was exploding in my mouth shooting his creme right down the back of my throat. He told me I was a good girl and clean all the mess he made up. After I was done cleaning up I got a call from my master. He had a stern voice and told me I was a fucking whore who was going to be taught a lesson when he got back. This submissive cunt fucked up one of daddies lessons again and the way he sounded, this was going to be the worst punishment I have ever gotten from him.

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