Submissive Sex Mommy

submissive sexI was born for submissive sex. That is what every man tells me, even my teen son. He is so bi-polar. On his good days, he doesn’t think twice about abusing his mommy, but the moment something doesn’t go his way, he is looking for me to abuse. Last night, he lost money on some basketball bracket because University of Kentucky lost. It fucked up his points. I don’t follow sports, so I didn’t understand how it works. Every attempt to console him, made it worse. He started smacking me. When that happens, I know forced sex soon follows. After smacking me around a bit yesterday, he tied me up. I was bound with a collar around my neck he likes to put on me for humiliating me. The collar says, “Fat cunt.” When he loves me, he loves me. But when he hates me, he hates me more than anything in the world. He took out his frustration and aggression on my ass. Rough anal sex first, followed by some intense bare bottom spankings, then back to rough anal sex. He pissed on me too. Even pissed into my prolapsed asshole, until he grew bored of me. He woke up today, over it all. I guess it is good that I could help my son work off his anger and frustration with the world.

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