Jealous subby sluts

bdsm chat

What’s better than one subby slut? Two two subby sluts of course.  Let me show you what makes me your slave inevitably. Whenever you have a group of girls or one other girl it doesn’t matter just another female around my inner Instinct of being territorial emits.  It’s so hard for me to keep a chill mood.  At first I am threatened and I need you to have the BDSM chat where you berate me and tell me that I don’t have any Authority. In my mind I like to think that I’m your number one but in reality you will never give me that satisfaction. So I have to learn how to play nice and get comfortable with other girls.  Whatever you want you always claim. When I had Clara around she told me that I would be eating her cunt and submitting to her. In some ways I couldnt stop myself from being so wet by being dominated by a subby slut. Clearly it was a battle of the babes and you enjoyed the show.

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