Submissive whoreThere’s nothing like being all tied up and fucked . I am a whore . And I put myself in dangerous situations hoping someone will kidnap me and fuck me senseless ! One time I went to the worst neighborhood I could find wearing nothing but a corset and a tiny skirt and I toke a walk. I remember blacking out in pain and when I woke up I was all tied up . As pretty as a fucking present. One man was fucking my ass so hard . And he was using the rope to thrust even harder . I swear to god his cock toke up every inch of my ass .But what got my attention was the man standing in front of me . Your not allowed to scream , cry , or run said the man . You will call me master and you will fucking like it . And you will take everything I give you graciously. You have no value do you understand ? I told him to go fuck himself . Being tied up and fucked was my reward for him now being in my life. The punishment I got for talking back …

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