Tied, Used, And Throw Away

Bondage submissionI sat still, quiet and waited. He paced the floor back and forth at times I thought maybe he forgot I was even there. I dared not ask what was on his mind. It was normal for him to be lost in thought and I thought for a moment it was possible….oh how I dared think it but maybe he didn’t need me. As soon as I began to question my use was when his large hand came up and grabbed my throat, his free hand diving down into my panties. Feeling his large fingers shoving into my cunt. “Not fucking wet enough” he screamed finger fucking me, as I profusely apologized. His grip around my neck grew tighter as he dragged me into the bedroom throwing me onto the bed. He opened up the closest and grabbed his black rope hanging up on the inside hook. He yanked me to the edge of the bed and used his favorite position to frogtie me. To keep my legs open but secured, and rip my panties to reveal my pussy to him. “I’ll make you wet, stupid bitch”. He pushed his cock into my pussy, it slid in quick and fast as his control had me hot and ready to be used. He slammed into me over and over, not satisfied until I was screaming, cumming on his cock begging for a moment. The moment I was not going to be granted as he kept going, slapped my face and told me to shut-up. With 3 final thrust he blew his cock juice deep inside me. Pulling out and laughing as I quivered, he didn’t untie me instead he grabbed my body and through me into his closet. Tossing a towel at me and ordering me not to drip his gift on the floor. Then shutting the door and leaving me in the dark.

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