Submissive whore

I had a weird feeling like I was being watched all week long. Finally on Friday afternoon, as I was walking out of work into the parking garage, a white van pulled up and several men got out and threw me in the back. They tied me up and duct taped my mouth shut. I screamed as they ripped my blouse, exposing my big tits. They finger fucked me hard and fisted my tight little pussy until it was sore and ruined.I tried to fight back. I need to learn my place as a submissive little fucking slut! I think they’re going to torture and fuck me all weekend long! Sure enough, Monday morning, they pushed me out of the back of the van in front of the office building, beaten, battered, bruised. I was still in the same outfit, torn to shreds and blood splattered from being force fucked in all my tight holes! Now everyone will know what kind of submissive whore I am!

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