Sexy bondageMy Master came up with a new way to humiliate his slave whore today. He put a butt plug in my ass with a fluffy tail on the end of it, and a dog collar and leash around my neck. I wore a short black dress with no panties and the tail of the butt plug hung down from under my dress where it was visible for everyone to see. He took me for a walk in the park and held the leash while I walked in front of him. I was so humiliated being walked like a dog in public and dressed like a whore in the tight black dress. Passerby’s could see my tail hanging between my legs and my face burned with shame and humiliation, but my pussy was wet. After he had walked me for a bit, he pulled me off the path of the park and hiked up my dress and bent me over. He saw how wet my pussy was and he was please. He stuck his cock inside of me and quickly fucked my pussy. I was so hot I came and squirted on myself. He dumped a load of cum into me and I had to walk back through the park on my leash while my legs dripped with his cum and my pussy juice.

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