Learning for daddy

Submissive slut

I met a guy who is now known as daddy. I absloutley adore daddy so much! He knows how to put me in my place. Most importantly daddy likes to teach me how to be a good submissive slut. Daddy is all about sitting back and watching his prodigy make his cock drain. I want nothing more than to satisfy daddy and be the perfect whore. I knew I had the perfect slave for daddy. My friend Naomi is one nasty fuck. Naomi and I both share the same views on male supremacy. We both know men are far more superior than women and that a women’s sole purpose is to please a man in every way. We will do whatever daddy wants. We both want daddy to drain his balls for us. We have a mutual agreement that daddies piss belongs in our mouths. Two slave pets for our master. Sit back and relax daddy we are about to make your satisfaction complete.

Xo Daddies little whores ?

Cock worship



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