Leaving Me Wanting

female bondageYou tell me you want me in the basement this morning. Usually our basement time is in the evenings after you return from work, but the change in routine excites me. Downstairs you have me lay down, and you begin to shackle me. I am sad that you don’t have the ropes out, because I love they way they feel on my skin, but excited by the new shackles. You seem to have rigged some sort of pulley system that you attach to my nipples. The system pulls them tight and then releases them, keeping them arroused. Once you have secured my arms and legs in the position you like, you add a large vibrator to the pulley. As both nipples are pulled tight, the vibrator comes down making contact with my pussy, sending a thrill thoughout my body. That thrill was not to last because it was then lifted away. Back and forth they go, a minute of nipple stimulation, a minute of clit stimulation, and then nothing for a few minutes. This cycle continues, not enough to get me off, just enough to keep me wanting. You watch in amusement as I desperatly arch my hips trying to make contact with something, but having no luck. Then you turn to leave, saying you were going to be late to work. You leave me alone and shackled, with this numbing cycle going over and over, keeping me aroused, and wanting more. I wonder if I will be left here all day or if you will come home at least for lunch and release me. I fear I will be kept in this state of hunger for a long time. I know now why I am laying on this black plastic. My cunt is dripping and I can already feel a pool of fluids forming. I will be  a real horny mess but the time you return.

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