Lesson Learned

torture phone sex sookieI made Master mad again so he took me to another master to teach me a lesson.­­ I hope this he will do more than humiliate and torture me; while I do somewhat like it; I want to learn and become the best whore. “Ahh, you again.” He answered the door with. “Well, good then I suppose. You are just in time to see my new bitch get humiliated.” “Yes sir” I quickly reply; I know better than a reply more than that. We walked down to his basement were he keeps all his most extreme toys, and there was not one, but two men down there. One was tied to the bed the other was standing with a ball gag in his mouth, drooling. Both of their small dicks hard with anticipation. “Now Sookie, always remember it is their job to please me… but today are you going to be a better whore than them?” I nodded like a good slut. “Now, I want you simply start with a little slap or two, don’t worry you’re a little bitch that fucking loves it.”  He slapped my ass hard and I could tell everyone was satisfied. “What now?” I asked timidly. He then stopped talking and went straight to business. You thought you  were going to fucking get to pick and choose your punishment whore? He tight me tight and put the biggest most painful clamps I had ever felt on my tits squeezing them hard. I started to cry which I saw only made his cock harder. He was going to torture me… I knew it when I saw the boob squashing device… the nipple piercing rods. I took the pain like a good slut, even though it hurt like hell. “Now lick my cock clean, you little bitch.” Master ordered me; and right away I was on my knees. Lesson learned.

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